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COB Ultra -Thin Down Light Series

Product features:

  • Inset LED Downlight is convenient installation
  • High efficiency , suitable for key area lighting
  • Design of heat dissipation, high power operation have low temperature characteristics
  • Long service life, durable
  • CRI is high, the color reduction properties is good
  • Anti-shock, impact resistance, good safety
  • Built-in LED current drive, plug and play
  • Easy installation, which can be directly to replace the traditional lamps and lanterns


  • Office building.
  • Exclusive shop,Business Lobby, Retail industry
  • Restaurant, Hotel
  • Exhibition,Museum

Global Lightings is a leading supplier and wholesaler of lighting products in Singapore, We specialize in LED lighting technology that is energy saving, state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly, and stylish that can transform your home into an elegant living space. Global Lightings have been in the lighting business for over ten years and have served various commercial and residential establishments.

Global Lightings

Global Lightings